The 16th Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition Came to a Successful End

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OnNovember 25, 2018, the 16th Guangzhou International AutomobileExhibition (hereinafter referred to as the “Auto Guangzhou 2018”) came to a successfulend. The Exhibition lasted for ten days and attracted an audience of 690,000.Thanks to the full participation of domestic and foreign auto manufacturers andthe great support from various social circles, the 16th Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibitionwas a complete success. With the theme of “New Technology, New Life”, this Auto Guangzhou was an annual event fully combining science &technology and life by focusing on the advanced technologies such as electricdrive and intelligent network, integrating green vehicle technology and sustainabledevelopment concept, and gathering the strength of the industry.


Growthagainst the overall trend of the exhibition injected confidence to the market

The Auto Guangzhou2018 totally occupied 13 exhibition halls in Zone A, 7 exhibition halls in ZoneB and the outdoor exhibition areas on the southern square of Zone A and B ofthe Canton Fair, covering an area of 240,000m2. The Exhibitiontotally exhibited 1,085 vehicles; firstly launched 48 vehicles all over theworld including 6 vehicles launched by transnational companies; there were 28concept vehicles including 15 of international brands and 13 of domestic brands;domestic and foreign auto manufacturers totally exhibited 150 NEVs including 44by foreign manufacturers. On the press day, 84 press conferences were held, and9,971 journalists from 2,473 domestic and foreign media covered the spectacularevent, including 471 journalists from 156 foreign media of 27 regions andcountries.

In the new erawith the high-quality growth of China’s auto industry, Auto Guangzhou attracted greatattention from domestic and foreign auto manufacturers, as one of the three top international auto exhibitions inChina and the “windvane” of China’s auto market. All the auto manufacturers exhibited the mostimportant auto products and the most advanced intelligent network auto technologies,which displayed the influence of Auto Guangzhou in the industry. ThisExhibition achieved growth against the overall trend, and expanded the completevehicle exhibition from Zone A to Zone B of the exhibition hall of the CantonFair, which demonstrate the huge potential of development and great vitality ofChina’s auto market to the international society.


IntelligentNEVs became the new impetus to the growth of the auto market

It has beenunanimously accepted by the auto industry that NEV technology represented byEVs will become the future development tendency of the auto industry.Meanwhile, the application of new technology and exploration of new modes suchas the intelligent network and ride sharing are in the ascendant, and China’s auto market still maintained strong momentum for expansion.According to statistics, the sales volume of NEVs in the domestic marketrecorded 138,000 in October 2018 with an increase of 51%; the sales volume fromJanuary to October reached 860,000 with an increase of 75.6%; and it is expectedthat the annual sales volume would exceed 1,000,000, accounting for over 50% ofthe global sales volume. After the phase of initial development, intelligentNEVs will enter a new round of explosive growth and become a new impetus to thetransformation and upgradingof China’s auto industry, thanks to thecontinuous support from national policies, technological breakthroughs andgradual improvement in the industry chain. This tendency can be seen from thelayout of the exhibition booth and the number of exhibited NEVs of thisExhibition.

Continuouslyenriched themes and highlights in Zone B

Auto Guangzhou continuously made reform and innovation inresponse to the tendency, carried out overall planning for integrateddevelopment of the industry chain, and included all the exhibition themes intothe macro-ecology of Auto Guangzhou. This Exhibition adopted all-inclusiveaccess control, including Zone A and B of the exhibition hall of the CantonFair. In addition to the centralized exhibition of luxury cars and NEVs, thesimultaneous “GuangzhouInternational Car Tuning Show” and “Guangzhou International Commercial VehicleExhibition” also had good performance in Zone B.

Auto Guangzhou created Guangzhou InternationalCar Tuning Show as a comprehensive exhibition experience platform integratingauto culture, auto sports, auto turning and auto entertainment jointly with thefamous Germany Essen Motor Show, in order to establish a bridge for efficientcommunication between merchants in the automotive aftermarket and consumers,cultivate the auto culture of Chinese characteristics in the new era, andenable car owners to enjoy their new life. This year’s Guangzhou InternationalCar Tuning Show had an unprecedented presence with an audience more than twiceof that last year, fully displaying the huge potential of the automotiveaftermarket and auto culture in China.

With the “new normal” of China’s economy, thecommercial vehicle industry has entered the high-quality development phase, thedifficult development phase of technology upgrading, the sensitive phase ofchanging competition pattern and the key phase of further opening of theindustry. Under the above background, the 4th Guangzhou InternationalCommercial Vehicle Exhibition held simultaneously with this Auto Guangzhouhighlighted the new-generation trucks of Chinese brands represented by FAWJiefang J7 on a par with European heavy trucks, pure electric, hydrogen-drivenand extended-range new-energy commercial vehicles, cold chain logisticsvehicles with advanced technology and complete varieties, various transportvehicles suitable for medium- and long-distance transport, express deliverytransport and urban logistics, as well as special engineering vehicles forinfrastructure construction.


Simultaneoushigh-level activities

Auto Guangzhouattracted elites from various industries, including leaders from competentgovernment departments, representatives from industrial organizations andexperts and scholars in relevant fields. Various government departments in theeconomic sector, authoritative organizations and mainstream media successivelyheld summits, salons and prize-giving activities of various themes and forms.The international advanced thoughts and hot industrial topics formedmagnificent auto symphony. During this Auto Guangzhou, there were high-levelofficial forums including “Sino-German Auto Forum”, “2018 Logistics and Transport Vehicles SummitForum” focusing on commercial vehicles and “2018 Cold Chain Logistics Forum”;and conferences of various themes and forms held by various industrialorganizations such as “2018 Branding & Communication of Automobile IndustrySummit”, “2018 Annual Conference of Chinese Association of Market Development(Auto Sector) Marketing Experts Committee”, “2018 Dealers Summit Forum” and “AwardingCeremony of Cars of The Year”. In addition, there were also many publicactivities with rich contents and various forms including “Guangzhou Auto MusicSeason”, “Car Drift Show” and “Auto Life and Culture Carnival”, which broughtunique experience for all the participants.

Followingthe concept of “serving the auto industry” and sticking to the “high-grade,international and comprehensive” positioning, Auto Guangzhou has beencontinuously focusing on the auto industry and striving to realize jointdevelopment with the auto industry. Since China’s auto market has entered thenew era with transformation and upgrading, Auto Guangzhou will keep up with theinnovation and reform in the international auto industry and make continuousprogress. The 17th GuangzhouInternational Automobile Exhibition will be held at Canton Fair Complex fromNovember 22 to December 1, 2019 (November 22 is the press day). We expect that wecan make concerted efforts with domestic and foreign auto manufacturers, industrialprofessionals and news media to achieve the new resplendence of China’s auto industry.